Popular Singer throws an engagement party of a second marriage


Singer Sunita’s engagement photos were the talk of social media when they came out of her private engagement ceremony recently. She is going to marry businessman Ram Veerapaneni very soon, i.e. in the coming January 2021.

For those friends and acquaintances who could not attend the engagement, a special invitation came from Sunita and she will. It was a lavish party thrown by a famous and beautiful singer at a star hotel in Gachibloli, Hyderabad.

Her close acquaintances from the industry aka anchor Suma Kanakala and Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai were the star attraction at the pre – wedding party with young hero Nitin, who hosted the evening with the bride and groom Ram Veerapaneni .

Photos from the pre-wedding party are making noise on social media as many users send greetings to the singer for his second wedding. Judging by the photos from the party, it all seemed like an explosion. It’s always nice to see someone being so happy and especially when there’s a famous and beautiful singer who has good fans.


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