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As Per Director, Sai Dharam’s Movie Set Right Path for RED


Ram Pothineni’s ‘RED’ helmed by director Kishore Tirumala is coming as a festival entertainer for this Sankranthi. After watching ‘ solo barthuke so better‘ in theatres, the director is sure that the audiences are ready to come to theatres to watch movies.

Talking about the decision to wait for a theatrical release though the film’s unit has completed the movie before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, Kishore Tirumala says that it was the producers’ call to wait for the theatres to open. Being a big production house, they know the business better, opined the director.

When asked about the rumour that they were considering a digital release at one point of time on Zee5, Kishore Tirumala says, they didn’t have any such plans. Maybe, the digital platform players might have approached the producers, but he doesn’t know about it.

Coming after a blockbuster like ‘iSmart Shankar’, the director understands that he has taken up a genre that is totally new to him unlike his previous movies with a lot of emotional drama. He says, besides the emotions, there would be several highs and lows and he worked on that though he was also new to that kind of filmmaking.


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