Prabhas’ Movie with Nag Ashwin, Director Spills Beans on Release


prabhas‘ movie with director Nag Ashwin under Vyjayanthi Movies banner is going to take time for sure, but it’s going to begin the shooting part sometime in 2021 but, the release won’t happen this year and so, that would be next year. Meanwhile, Nag Ashwin is going to do another movie.

It’s titled ‘Jaatiratnaalu’ and if you think that it’s going to be a small budget movie, the director says it’s not. The movie is a value-based cinema and we can’t tag such movies as small-budget or big-budget movies as the cost of the making of the movie doesn’t matter as long as it has a story.

Nag Ashwin sees ‘Jaatriratnaalu’ as a movie that would be remembered by the audiences even after 5-10 years like ace directors Jandyala, SV Krishna Reddy or EVV Satyanarayana’s movies that are cherished even today and we go back to watch them on YouTube.

He believes in content big time and once for all, he wants to make movies with no worry about stars and their dates, and budgets.


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