Home Entertainment Payal Rajput on the Verge of Taking Shirt Off?

Payal Rajput on the Verge of Taking Shirt Off?


This is a special photoshoot on Payal Rajput with photographer Ashish Sompura who captured beautiful moments of the actress in the form of gorgeous stills. Look at him taking the shots while Payal is comfortably posing.

Clad in a blue denim shirt and extremely short shorts, Payal Rajput sitting on the couch with her shirt sliding down her left shoulder and revealing the skin beneath is looking like a bewitching maiden with those intensely sexy eyes and expression.

Besides her beautiful skin and eyes, we think her voluminous hair falling on her left shoulder and arm added a lot to the look. She says he is her favourite photographer and we think that the photographer indeed has done a nice job.


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