*MenToo will be streaming from June 9th on Telugu People’s Favorite OTT aha*

Aha, the 100% local OTT platform is becoming one of the best destinations for unique and riveting content. aha is taking its viewers on entertainment adventure every Friday. With back-to-back popular movies being aired on the platform every Friday, the viewers are in for a special treat.
Now this Friday aha is ready to treat audience with hilarious entertainer #MenToo. #MenToo stars Naresh Agastya, Brahmaji, Kaushik, Sudharshan, Riya Suman, Priyanka Sharma and Viva Harsha. Directed by Srikanth G Reddy. Bankrolled by Mourya Siddavaram under Lantern Creative Works in association with Mythri Movie Makers,
#MenToo showcases the problems faced by men in women sympathized society bringing in a revolution highlighting #Mentoo like #Metoo. The movie also deals with the issues men face in daily life because of women but also passes a strong message in a very funny manner that connects to audiences of all ages and sections.
The Hilarious Entertainer MenToo will be streaming on aha from June 9th.
Naresh Agastya, Brahmaji, Harsha Chemudu, Sudarshan, Maurya Siddhavaram, Kaushik Ghantashala Riya Suman, Priyanka Sharma etc.
Technical department:
Banner: Lantern Creative Works
Producer: Maurya Siddhavaram
Co Producer: Srimanth Paturi
Director: Srikanth G. Reddy
Music: Elisha Praveen, Osho Venkat
Cinematography: PC Mouli
Editor: Karthik Unwa
Songs and lyrics: Rakendu Mouli
Art: Chandramouli.E
Co-Director: Sudhir Kumar Kurru
P.R.O: Vamsi Kaka

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