Rama Koti Uthsavam held on a grand note , ఘనంగా ఆదిపురుష్ రామ కోటి ఉత్సవం

Adipurush, which has Prabhas playing Lord Srirama and Kriti Sanon the Sita. The film is directed by Om Raut and was brought to the Telugu audience by famous producer TG Vishwaprasad under the banner of People Media Factory. Adipurush, which was released last Friday, was a phenomenal success worldwide. In this background, a success meet was organized in Hyderabad under the name of Rama Jayam and Raghurama Jayam. On this occasion

Dialogue writer Bheem Srinivas said “Even though ages and generations change, the story of Rama does not change. Our devotion and respect for Lord Rama will not change. Along with the Telugu people, audience from all over the world is watching the Adipurush movie. I feel lucky to have got an opportunity to work on this film.”

Mythri Movies Distributor Shashidhar Reddy said, “It is a pleasure to release a prestigious film like Adipurush through our Mythri Movie Distributors. We have released the movie in more than 500 screens in Nizam. The youth came to the film with an expectation. But all children under 20 are enjoying the movie. Prabhas, It must be said that Raut’s attempt was successful. 13.65 crore rupees were collected in Nizam on the first day. This is a record-level collection for a star hero. On the second day, about 8 crore rupees were received. The audience response at theaters is good. Collections are going steady.”

Lyricist Ramajogayya Shastri said, “I asked that I will write all the songs in this film. Such is my association with UV Creations. I wrote five songs and three-bit songs. The jukebox and songs are getting a great response. I am happy that my songs are a part of this film’s success. Director Om Raut made this film with a great desire to tell the story of Rama to others. There is nothing wrong with his will. He also got emotional while speaking at the film’s promotional events. He directed this movie with so much emotion. Said.

People Media’s Producer Vivek Kuchibhotla said, “Till yesterday, this film has been watched by one crore viewers worldwide. That’s why we wanted to call this assembly as Ramakoti festival. Everyone who was a part of this film thought that Rama’s name should be added to every door. We have succeeded in that endeavour. Trolls are also indirectly still praising and talking about Lord Rama. As many controversies are coming, more collections are coming. All the collections in these three days have created new records. The success of this movie has proved that a good effort will have the support of the people. Today’s children know Hollywood superheroes. But our mythological heroes like Jambavanthudu and Angadadu are not known. Today children are getting to know them through our film. All the children of a school in Nellore were taken to this movie show. Adipurush will be in theaters for a long time.”

Also, in this event, many journalists spoke and shared their feedback after watching Adipurush in the theaters.

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