Shah Rukh Khan becomes the only actor to achieve this feat with Jawan and pathaan in a SINGLE YEAR!Jawan is not only SRK’s second film to become the top grosser but might also be the first hindi film to join the 600cr club and despite the new film releases, the film continues to be Rock steady!Today, Jawan went on to become the highest grossing hindi film ever in the history of Indian cinema, making history yet again, Shah Rukh Khan yet again breaking records and setting new benchmarks for the industry.Red Chilies Entertainment’s Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is synonymous with the word history. Since its release on September 7, 2023, the film has been rewriting history at the box office, writing new records, and attaining massive numbers at the box office.Jawan raked in 525.50 crores in hindi and a grand total of 584.32 crores at the Indian box office, while at the global box office the film has broken all records by garnering 1000 plus crores and stands tall at a monstrous 1043.21cr! All of these massive numbers garnered and records broken in just 22 DAYS flat!Jawan’s performance is unaffected by the new releases, and it is a clear sign that fans are adoring the film and lavishing praise on it even in its third week.

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